The 25th Annual EVVY Awards

Location: Cutler Majestic Theatre
Tickets: $20 (Details…)
Time: 1:45 PM
Broadcast: Online, BNN, Emerson Channel (Details…)

Special Honorees

The EVVY Award of Distinction for Technological Achievement is
given to Chapin Cutler, Principal and Co-founder of Boston Light &

The Alumni Award of Distinction is given to Ed Harding (’74), coanchor
on WCVB’s EyeOpener broadcast and NewsCenter 5.

Winner List

Categories Presented

Best Alternative Sound Art
Best Audio Podcast
Best Audio Segment
Best Comedy Skit
Best Advertising Marketing Plan
Best Television Reporter Package
Best Produced TV News
Best Computer Animation
Best 2D Animation
Best Black and White Photo
Best Color Photo
Best Advanced Film
Best Poetry
Best Prose
Best Visual Effects for Video or Film
Best Director for Television
Best Video Editor
Best Multi Camera Director
Best Videography
Best Cinematographer
Best Press Kit
Best Dramatic Audition
Best 3D Animation
Best TV 10-30
Outstanding Vocal Performance