The 25th Annual EVVY Awards

Winners will be posted to this page in real-time during the show.

Afternoon Show Winners

TVVE: Best Video Editor: Warhol in Two Minutes - Aaron Singer
JOTN: Best Produced Television News: Behind the Oscars - Blake Nebel, Rachel Gabrielsen, Allyson Cassis
AUAP: Best Audio Podcast: Emerson College Fred Freddy's Podcast - Frederick Young, Larry Cohen
AUAS: Best Audio Segment: ESPN: It's the Shoes - Michael Archacki
CMAM: Best Advertising / Marketing Plan: Segs in the City - Sharon Barclay, Elyse Calvo, Brian Kramer, Kevin Conlon
CMPK: Best PR Kit: Everlast Mints - Skye Stolnitz; The 25th Annual EVVY Awards: Press Information - Floramae Yap
PECS: Best Comedy Skit: White Progressive People Fight Racism - Elisha Yaffe, Justin Becker, Daniel Scheinert
WRPO: Best Poetry: John Cage is Dead... - Jem Sweeny
WRPR: Best Prose: Conversations our Parents Aren't Having - Lockie Hunter
NMAN: Best Computer Animation: The Emerson College News Package I, II, III - Tristan Bresnen
PEVO: Outstanding Vocal Performance: Gethsemane - Michael Wright
PEDA: Outstanding Dramatic Audition: Frozen - Laura Sisskin
FMCI: Best Cinematographer: The Bath - David Kane
PHBW: Best Black and White Photo: one hundred years of solitude - Ingrid Hansen
PHCP: Best Color Photo: Emily in Dune - Evan Lane
TVMC: Best Multi-Camera Director: Ladies Room: Spring 06 Episode 3 - Daniel Zack
TVVI: Best Videography: Elevator Girl - Daniel Madden, Matthew Vossekuil
TFFX: Best Visual Effects for Video or Film: Bow to Me - Joe Viola
NM2D: Best 2-D Animation: Totem Pole - Will Drinker; Practicum News Package - Tristan Bresnen
NM3D: Best 3D Animation: Tantrum - Joe Viola
AUAA: Best Alternative Sound Art: Digipocalyspe - Nicholas Fiore
TVDN: Best Director for Television News: Good Morning Emerson: April 13th - Bethany Arazoza
JOTP: Best Television Reporter Package: Oscar Packages - Blake Nebel, Erik Meltzer
Best Lighting Design: Miranda Baldwin
Best Costume Design: Meghan O'Gorman
TV1030: Best TV 10-30 Minutes: Out of Balance - Omar Robinson; Colombia: The Little Old Town - Deborah Correa, Brittney Borjeson
FMAF: Best Advanced Film: Confessional - Timothy Duff

Evening Show Winners

TVU10: Best Produced Television Under 10 Minutes: November - Michael Marantz, Jamie Tilton, Skye Stolnitz, Nico Raineau
PETF: Outstanding Performance for Television or Film: Oscars Segments - Blake Nebel
JOWN: Best Writing for Television News: WEBN's Behind the Oscars - Blake Nebel, Rachel Gabrielsen
JOFA: Best Feature Article: Through the Eyes of the Eldest Employee - Amy Cherry
AUMR: Best Multi Track Recording: The Rainbow Connection - Anthony Saccoccia; This Time Around - Dana Kreiss, Lauren Hashian
AULM: Best Live Mix: Laura Cantrell Live Mix - Chris Peck
CMAD: Best Print Advertisement: Oregon Travel Ad - Cameron Walker
PHPS: Best Photographic Series: 2037 - Kyler Taustin; Children of the World - Bill Glucroft
CMTV: Best Television Advertisment: EIV News Promo - Richard Feindel, Danny Zack, Ezra Horne, Ross Girard
TVMA: Best MA-202 Final Project: Winter Sun - Bradford Wilde, Michael Benko
PECH: Best Choreography: Gorecki - Chelsea O'Brien
NMWS: Best Web Site: robin hoyt: an inside look - Robin Hoyt
NMGR: Best Show Graphics: The Emerson College News Package I, II, III - Tristan Bresnen
NMIN: Best Interactive New Media: robin hoyt: an inside look - Robin Hoyt
TFDO: Best Documentary: Overshadowed: Boston's China Town - Christian Relacion, Angela Kim, Jake Le Blanc
FMFE: Best Film Editor: The Fabulous Felix McCabe - Landon Zakheim, Trevor Byrne, Thomas Czupryna
PECA: Best Comedy Audition: Standup Comedy of Adam J. Ginivisian - Adam Ginivisian
WRSC: Best Script Comedy: Searching for Newt Chungly - Kathleen Brenock
AURP: Best Radio On-Air Personality: WERS Presents Jasmine Solano on - Anna Sumilat
AUSF: Best Sound For Video or Film: The Rind - Ethan Feldbau, Danielle Bemis
Best Technical Design: Weston Keifer
Best Scene Design: Brianne Brutinel
FMFI: Best Film I: The Pirate - David Shawl
FMF2: Best Film II: Con Artist - John Weselcouch, Nate Larkin Connolly
TFVP: Best Video Podcast: The Lee Wilson Podcast: Behind the Scenes: WERS Live Music Week Part One - Christopher Irr
WRSD: Best Script Drama: Touch - Drew Larimore
TFSC: Best Single Camera Director: Shamrock! - Pearl Wible
TFVN: Best Visual Narrative: Computer World - Jason Amendolara